Frequently Asked Questions

What does MyTopOff do?

MyTopOff opens bottle tops of any kind in two easy steps, it pops the top off of the bottle smoothly and effortlessly and if you do it just right the built in magnet will hold the cap.

How does MyTopOff work?
Simply put the opener over the bottle, push down until it clicks, then lift straight up. The MyTopOff pops the top off using a durable spring-loaded device and the built in magnet will catch the cap.

Is MyTopOff fun to use?
People love sharing and showing off the MyTopOff. It is a great conversation piece and they love using it.

Is MyTopOff safe to use?
Yes – MyTopOff is totally safe to use. It keeps your hands from getting cut and will keep Uncle Bob from using his teeth to take the top off!

How do I clean it?
Simply clean MyTopOff by rinsing it off with soap and water or stick it in the dishwasher.

What is it made of?
MyTopOff is made with stainless steel and durable plastic with a metal spring and release hook. It is totally safe and designed for long-term use.

How long will it last?
We have customers who have used the openers for years. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You will be re-ordering…but not because it broke but because your buddy took yours!

Who enjoys it?
Everyone has fun showing MyTopOff as they use it. Small kids love the ease of opening their sodas, and adults love how handy it is and easy-to-use.

Where do people use it?
Customers often buy multiple Top Offs for their home bar, kitchen, patio, and pool deck. It is also perfect for camping, tailgating and fishing.

Can I get custom logos on them?
Yes, email us and we will quote you a price.