Push Top Bottle Opener by MyTopOff

Push Top Bottle Opener by MyTopOff

September 25, 2017

Keeping it Clean

Other than encountering the rookie bartender, the number one complaint about the local bar concerns cleanliness. That is, dirty towels, dirty bar, fruit flies, dusty bottles, dirty taps, and especially, dirty hands. Unfortunately, there are limits to what an owner or general manager can do beyond providing a hand sink, soap, clean towels, aprons, and regular porter service to keep the bar clean. There’s always going to be that one guy who wipes down the bar with a gray-water towel before wiping his wet hands on his backside and twisting the cap off the customer’s beer. The Yuck-factor is high. Worse, as Friday night wears on, the whole crowded bar gets dirtier and dirtier. Late arrivals commonly switch to safe drinks like bottled beer. And, every bar owner knows that while the regulars keep the bar open, it’s the marginal customers that make the bar profitable.


A push top bottle opener or two at every station solves at least two problems. Using one is both cleaner and faster than using a standard church key.

Push Top Bottle Opener Advantage #1: Cleanliness

After extreme ease of use, cleanliness stands out as the single greatest advantage to using a push top bottle opener. Customers simply don’t feel good about seeing dirty hands handle the neck and lip of the bottle they will be drinking from. When customers feel bad, the bar loses profits. That occurs marginally, one customer at a time, in a slow and steady hemorrhage. Satisfying a single customer, just one, pays for a push top bottle opener.

Push Top Bottle Opener Advantage #2: Speed and Efficiency

Bartenders love using a push to bottle opener… or two. The busier the bar, the more they love it. Even clumsy bartenders can open two bottles at once. There’s absolutely no way to do that with a standard bottle opener. Some innovations are better, faster, and more efficient. Serving customers faster also means that the bartenders have more time to clean as they go, and that means happier customers who aren’t afraid to drink what they want at a dirty bar.

At a busy watering hole, that means profits. Owners and general managers know how this works. The margin on bottled beer might be as much as six or seven times cost, while draft runs at three-to-six times cost as a staple earner. Wine runs ten or more times cost, but at up to a whopping thirty-six times cost, the profit champ is liquor.

If the ladies balk at buying their mixed drinks, they won’t stay, and if they won’t stay, the men don’t show up either. Cleanliness, speed, and efficiency are the obvious fix, and the easy way to do that is to use better tools. The push top bottle opener should be on that list, at least at bars that prefer to be profitable.

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