Open Any Beer Bottle Quick And Easy!

Open Any Beer Bottle Quick And Easy!

September 25, 2017

Now, you can open any beer bottle quickly and effortlessly with MyTopOff! Introducing a revolutionary and totally unique beer bottle opener that is so fast and easy to use – it’s amazing and fun! You’ll never struggle with twist caps again. It works on most every kind of bottled beverage available – including non twist caps, too. It can safely and easily handle opening bottles of domestic beer as well as imported beer – in record time – and it even works on crown tops found on beer and soda bottles. Once you try it, you’ll want to take it everywhere and never want to use any other ordinary beer bottle opener. And thanks to it’s compact size, you can store MyTopOff anywhere… from purses and backpacks, to tackle boxes and tool kits.

So, here’s how to use this ingenious new tool: Simply place MyTopOff beer bottle opener over any beverage with a bottle cap, press down until you hear a click, and then lift it up. That’s all there is to it ! Once it is removed, the cap is magnetically held in place with the beer bottle opener and can easily be discarded. Then, you can quickly move on to opening the next bottle at lightning speed! Wow! That is cool. Bartenders will love giving their hands a rest with this uncomplicated bottle top remover. Even kids and senior adults have no problem opening their favorite drink with MyTopOff.

It is a must-have for parties, tailgating and so much more! MyTopOff beer bottle opener is also great to bring along while golfing, boating, camping, hunting or fishing, and is so convenient at outdoor barbeques, the beach, the swimming pool, concerts and sporting events! It makes a great, one-of-a-kind gift for any occasion, too – for yourself, your family and all your friends. Plus, it’s a great conversation piece, as well, because when anyone tries this unrivaled beer bottle opener, Everyone wants one, too! So, check us out on the web at MyTopOff for fantastic special offers and order yours right now to get the party started today!

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