MyTopOff – How to Open a Beer

MyTopOff – How to Open a Beer

September 25, 2017

Whether you are lounging poolside or enjoying a drink at a tailgate party, the last thing you want to do is struggle with opening the bottle. Not only will this make you look foolish, but it can also be frustrating enough to ruin your fun at a party. Although the classic bottle top has not been altered in decades, most cannot be opened without the use of a beer opener. Still, that does not stop people from trying to wrestle with a cap using their hands, teeth and an array of strange objects. If you are looking for a fast and simple solution to this classic celebration conundrum, then here is a guide on how to open a beer without losing face.

Avoid Using Dangerous Techniques

Watching someone pop a cap off with their teeth may make for some interesting movie fodder; however, seeing this in real life can make a person cringe. Using your teeth as a beer opener can ruin the fun just as fast as you can chip your teeth. Taking a hands-on approach can also cause cuts and strain in your wrists. Fortunately, injuries and damage to the furniture can all be avoided by using a MyTopOff beer opener.

How to Use MyTopOff

Knowing how to open a beer is an essential skill that everyone of drinking age should acquire. Now, with a MyTopOff opener, this skill is easier than it ever has been before. This simple beer opener is a spring-loaded device with a magnet piece inside that is designed to help you learn how to open a beer in just one easy step. Simply place the MyTopOff beer opener over the top of your bottle and press down. As you lift straight up, the magnet will hold the cap while leaving the top of your bottle free for you to take a sip. If you are worried about cleaning, all you need to do rinse it with dish soap and water or toss it in the dishwasher.

Impress Others with Your Skills

With your MyTopOff in hand, you can show off your master skills by demonstrating how to open a beer at parties and bars. Others will be impressed with your ability to deftly remove a cap so you can get on with your fun. Kids can even get in on the fun by using your MyTopOff to open their sodas. Then, add some extra gear, such as a hands-free drink sling, to make it clear you are the master of managing your drinks.

Most people find that having a beer opener handy is essential for keeping their drinks coming when they are celebrating at home or at a special event. If you want to make sure you know how to open a beer every time, then check out how MyTopOff can preserve your teeth while allowing you to be the star of the party when you show off your skills.

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