Best Beer Bottle Openers

Best Beer Bottle Openers

September 25, 2017

The best beer bottle openers are ones that open the bottle as fast as possible! The beer bottle opener has come a long way since its appearance in the late 19th century. Almost a century and a half as gone by and the bottle opener remains an essential device for accessing beer. The bottle opener emerged around the same time William Painter invented the crown cork bottle cap, and was appropriately referred to as the crown cork opener. By the 1960s the cork inside the bottle cap was predominantly replaced by plastic, although several beer manufacturers prefer using cork.

Some of the best beer bottle openers combine form and function. One modern take on the bottle opener is the bottle opener/wine screw combination, which makes access to alcoholic beverages easier, especially for bartenders. Additionally, the bottle opener attached to a key chain is extraordinarily popular due to its easy-to-remember location (that’s if you remember where you left your keys). Keychain openers are favored among advertisement agencies and companies because they can be manufactured with the company’s logo or motto. Hat bottle openers, shoe openers, ones shaped like dragons or mermaids are wonderfully goofy and make nice gifts; however, the best beer bottle openers are strong and sturdy, made from a high-quality material and get the job done without the pain of hurting one’s fingers or hands; these are otherwise referred to pop-top beer openers.

Pop-top beer bottle openers are easily the best beer bottle openers on the market. MyTopOff creates a pop-top beer bottle made from stainless steel and hardy plastic that is extraordinarily easy to use. Simply place the opener over the bottle and push down until you hear the metal springs click, then remove the opener. A magnet, cleverly placed under the opener, captures the cap, for safe removal.

The rise in popularity of craft brews has ignited a new wave of beer drinkers. The craft breweries not only make quality beer, they adhere to a strict code, which enhance the drinkability of their beers. Microbreweries are almost extensively using pry-off crown caps, versus twist-off caps due to the penetration of oxygen that can alter the taste of the beer. The craft brewers that use twist-off caps adhere machine-milled caps in order to optimize the seal, this, however creates a seal so tight, the bottle caps cannot be removed without an opener. The MyTopOff beer bottle opener is ideal for tightly-sealed bottle caps; they assist in enhancing the entire drinking experience.

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