The Perfect Customized Gift!

The Perfect Customized Gift!

September 25, 2017

Finding the perfect gift can seem almost impossible for some of the people on your list. If you have someone who you can never seem to find the right item for, or customers who you want to let know you appreciate, here is a fun and creative suggestion for you. Consider creating a personalized bottle opener. It is a unique and interesting gift or company giveaway item which can be customized to impress even the most difficult of recipients. In addition to being an attractive, customized item they are also a useful tool. MyTopOff are custom bottle openers that make any bottle, even those with screw-off tops, easy to open. The openers are safe to use and work so smoothly, they can be used by seniors and even children. MyTopOff is a push down opener that has a magnet inside which catches the cap. It works quickly and easily and can be used on any type of beer, water or soda bottle.

Custom Bottle Openers

These custom bottle openers are a great gift idea. They make wonderful additions to gift baskets, a fun find inside a Christmas stockings and more. They are so easy to use and convenient to carry, they are perfect for everyone. MyTopOff openers can be customized with any logo you choose. They are a simple to create advertising tool which will stand out against the plethora of business cards and pens other businesses give away. Bars, restaurants and breweries can easily get their name out to an unlimited amount of potential customers. They also work great as a fun giveaway item in the SWAG bags passed out at festivals, weddings and other organized events. There is no limit to the occasions where these fun custom bottle openers can be used.

Durable & Long Lasting

The MyTopOff logos are silk screened in place, making them durable and guaranteed to be free of any defects. Do not wait around, upload your logo, and choose the color you prefer or upgrade to their high-quality stainless steel. Take advantage of one of their many great deals and find the perfect custom bottle openers for everyone on your gift list today.

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