The Number One Bottle Cap Opener

The Number One Bottle Cap Opener

September 25, 2017

Anyone who has ever tried to take off an unusually stubborn bottle cap knows the frustration I’m talking about. Those little metal disks are supposed to be easy to grip and easy to twist. Hardly. How many times have you ripped skin off your fingers trying to take those bottle caps off (go ahead-raise your hand so we can count your bottle cap maimed fingers)?

Granted there are a slew of bottle cap openers on the market to make the task easier. But those are often bulky, easily lost, or inflict even more damage on fingers than the bottle cap itself. Some of them are difficult for people with conditions like arthritis to operate. They’re hardly the perfect solution they claim to be.

So I was skeptical when a friend suggested the MyTopOff bottle cap opener. Honestly, how much better could this thing be? It doesn’t even look like a bottle cap opener. I grabbed the nearest bottle, was ready to prove my well-meaning friend wrong, and…. was surprised by how easy and this thing was.

Let me be clear. MyTopOff bottle cap opener does not in any way resemble a traditional bottle cap opener. The thing looks more like salt and pepper shakers. But it works like a dream. Instead of twisting or prying, I just had to press the MyTopOff down on the bottle. Once it clicked, I pressed up and the bottle was open, complete with the bottle cap dangling from the magnet on the bottom of the opener. It was awesome!

Skeptical me, I couldn’t wait to try it again. The first bottle was a pop top type lid. Surely this thing wouldn’t work with a twist top. I pushed it down, heard a click, and was pleasantly surprised to see that it worked just as well. In fact, I later found out that MyTopOff bottle cap opener works on all crown top bottles.

The more I found out the more I liked the cute little bottle opener. It’s sanitary since it doesn’t come into contact with the liquids in the bottles. I like that. It’s small enough to be portable but large enough to prevent loss. In fact, the MyTopOff is the perfect size to store in a picnic basket, ice chest, tackle box, or glove compartment. Heck, MyTopOff even offers customization for use as party favors or promotional items. How great is that?

Other bottle cap openers have let me down, but MyTopOff has restored my faith. I don’t know that I’ll ever use another bottle cap opener again. It’s unique, fun to use, and offered at a price that’s beyond reasonable. You have to try MyTopOff; you’ll be glad you did. I promise it’s worth every penny.

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