Push Down Bottle Opener

Push Down Bottle Opener

September 25, 2017

Have you ever found yourself at an event with plenty of beer but with no way to open them? This common party problem often results in embarrassment and hasty actions that can cause injury. Although demonstrating how you can open a bottle using a table or your teeth may seem like a good idea at the time, this can quickly result in disastrous consequences. Instead of risking a major party faux pas, you can easily open your bottles using a push down bottle opener that is designed to lift off a cap in one swift step. If you are looking for a new way to improve your drinking experience, then here is how you can use a push down bottle opener to demonstrate your beer opening skills.

Advantages of Using MyTopOff

The greatest advantage of a push down bottle opener is that it is portable and convenient enough to carry in your pocket. Many people find that they prefer to keep one in their car and another in their kitchen so that one is always readily accessible. A quality push down bottle opener is even sturdy enough to be left outside on the patio or in an outdoor kitchen for use during backyard cookouts. In addition to being portable, the MyTopOff is easy simple to maintain and clean. All that is necessary to clean your bottle opener is a quick rinse with some water and dish soap. They are also dishwasher safe and can be cleaned with a regular load of your dishes. These portable bottle openers also make great gifts and promotional items that can be given away at corporate events.

How It Works

A push down bottle opener is designed with a spring-loaded mechanism that safely removes the cap off a bottle with one simple push down and one pull up. To use your MyTopOff, simply place it over the cap of your bottle and push down until it clicks. Then, pull your opener straight up to remove the cap. If you perform the action correctly, a magnet inside will hold your cap in place. Practice using it a few times and then demonstrate your skills to your friends. At family-friendly parties, you can even let kids discover the ease of opening their sodas using your push down bottle opener. Once you have mastered your bottle opening skills, you will love showing off your MyTopOff. Finally, check out the colors and customization options available to make you stand out in a crowd every time you pop off a top. From stainless steel to black with personalized designs, get one or several so you will always have a convenient way to open your bottles at your next event.

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