Open Any Bottle, Instantly!

Open Any Bottle, Instantly!

September 25, 2017

Ever wonder how the bartenders at the most exclusive clubs open so many bottles so fast? When things get really busy, the pros turn to MyTopOff bottle popper. MyTopOff is like no other bottle opener: it’s a completely different concept that makes the job go quicker.

How is MyTopOff different from regular bottle openers?

The key is in the advanced design. Instead of prying open a bottle cap — the way it’s been done for decades — MyTopOff is a push-down bottle opener with a spring-loaded mechanism inside that removes the cap in a flash. Just slip MyTopOff over the cap of the bottle, give it one quick push down until you hear it click, and one pull straight up to remove the cap. A powerful magnet holds the cap inside and out of the way.

Efficient — and entertaining!

Most people will have never seen a bottle opener like this! And once you bring out the MyTopOff, the fun starts. Everybody will be asking “Hey, what IS that?” and “Wait a minute…how did you do that?” Forget those showboaters who attempt to open bottles with their teeth: wait until your guests see how fast, easily — and safely! — you open bottles with MyTopOff. They’ll be begging you to let them try it. MyTopOff is great for parties, outdoor barbecues, tailgating parties and any other event where you have lots of thirsty people. You want to keep the fun flowing, and a conventional bottle opener just won’t do. No twisting, turning, or struggling with twist or non-twist caps.

It’s not only fast and easy — MyTopOff is safer.

If you’ve ever had one of those conventional bottle openers slip, making you cut or scratch your hand on the sharp edge of a bottle cap, you’ll see immediately why MyTopOff is a better bottle opener. It works really fast, and the cap is covered. And it takes less strength to get your bottles open. That’s why it’s so great for people with arthritis or hand injuries. Kids love it too! They can open their soda bottles or water bottles quickly and easily. Plus they’ll love watching MyTopOff work!

MyTopOff is great for home or for business gifts!

It’s always fun to be the first to introduce something new to your friends, especially something as useful and interesting as MyTopOff. Right now, you can order one MyTopOff and get one free for only $9.95. That means you can have one at home and one to carry with you. And if you own a business, you can even order MyTopOff bottle openers as promo items with your company logo. They’re great to include in gift baskets, too.

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