MyTopOff – The Pop Bottle Opener

MyTopOff – The Pop Bottle Opener

September 25, 2017

MyTopOff is a revolutionary pop bottle opener. It works on crown bottle tops, including the twist-off kind. Instead of spending minutes trying to get a bottle cap off, consumers can open their bottle in seconds. It’s easy to use and only requires individuals to put their bottle opener on top of the bottle, push down until they hear a click, then lift it up. The built-in magnet lifts the bottle cap up with the bottle opener. Cleaning’s a breeze, so it can be used again and again without becoming grungy. Rinsing it off with soap and water or sticking it in the dishwasher will keep it looking new. It’s made with high-quality plastic and stainless steel, so it’s perfect for long-time use and can last for years. It’s fun to use and will prevent beer and soda drinkers from injuring their hands every time they want a drink.

Use It Anytime, Anywhere

Since it’s small, the MyTopOff is great for almost any occasion. Whether a group is fishing, camping, tailgating, or having a party at home, they’ll be glad to have a bottle opener. Elderly people won’t have to worry about asking someone else to open their bottle for them, and kids will love that they can do it themselves. It’s safe, too, so no one has to worry about cutting a finger or hand. It might even be a good idea for customers to buy more than one pop bottle opener so they can have one at home and keep one in their car to bring on the road. This pop bottle opener is also a great gift idea for birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays. It’s small enough to be used as a stocking stuffer, too.

Other Products

The same company that makes MyTopOffs also makes a couple other products that are offered as bonuses when customers order their bottle opener. One of these items is called a Koozie. It’s basically an insulated cup holder so a drink can stay cold longer than it normally would. Another bonus is a hands-free drink sling so thirsty individuals don’t have to worry about holding their beer or soda while they’re trying to reel in a fish. MyTopOffs usually have the MyTopOff logo printed on them, but customers can choose to put the logo of their choice on their bottle opener. This can be great for small businesses to get some publicity.

The MyTopOff pop bottle opener is great for anyone to use, from small children to more mature adults. It can be used anywhere and for an any occasion, so anyone that drinks from bottles should get theirs today.

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