MyTopOff is a Party Legend

MyTopOff is a Party Legend

September 25, 2017

The Number One Beer Bottle Opener

MyTopOff is the ultimate way to get parties popping. You never have to worry about the embarrassment of fumbling to get the top off your drink again. MyTopOff removes bottle tops in one swift movement that looks like magic. All you have to do is place MyTopOff in the right spot over any bottle. It only takes one quick push down until you hear a click of the spring-loaded device inside. The interior magnet will catch the cap and your bottle will be good to go. This is the perfect solution for opening twist-off caps and crown bottles. Come experience the beer bottle opener that has become a party legend.

Don’t Call it a Party Unless You Get MyTopOff

It’s not a true party without MyTopOff. Your party guests will be mesmerized by your MyTopOff. It is always a talking point at parties because people simply can’t believe how easy and smooth it can be to remove tough bottle caps. MyTopOff can be used over and over again for an endless number of drinks. Every party guest can enjoy easy access to their favorite beverage no matter what they’re drinking. MyTopOff works on imported and domestic beers and soda bottles. MyTopOff puts party power in the palm of your hand.

Eliminate Embarrassing Scenarios

No other beer bottle opener even comes close to the ease and smoothness of using the MyTopOff beer bottle opener. MyTopOff is the easy and safe alternative to trying to force a bottle top off with your teeth or hands. Everybody has been in that desperate situation where they are dying to taste their drink but they simply cannot get the cap off of their bottle. Most people resort to trying to wrestle the top off with their hands or forcing it off with their teeth. The last thing any party needs is an emergency trip to the hospital because someone has cut their hand or busted a tooth. MyTopOff eliminates that scenario by providing a smooth and flawless way to get your top off with one easy pop.

Become a Party Maverick with MyTopOff

MyTopOff is the perfect beer bottle opener for every party situation. No liquor cabinet should be without one! They are perfect to keep in your bar, kitchen drawer, or outdoor patio furniture. Be sure that a MyTopOff tags along with you on your next camping trip, tailgate party, and fishing expedition. Become the life of the party by showing up with a MyTopOff. Get one for yourself today and become a party maverick!

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