Catch all those Bottle Caps

Catch all those Bottle Caps

September 24, 2017

We’ve all had those parties that get a little crazy toward the end. Everyone enjoys a few beers each, and when the room is full, that’s a lot of beer bottles to collect. While our friends might politely collect the bottles in the sink for us to clean the next day, they don’t always remember to collect their bottle caps. We wake up the next morning and walk across something that feels worse than a Lego – a bottle cap. How in the world can we avoid this problem for future parties?

A magnetic bottle opener from MyTopOff is the perfect answer to this problem. Not only does this tool look cool, everyone is going to want to try it out, so the bottle tops will be collected in a neat pile instead of deposited all over the house. With a magnetic bottle opener, you can grab that bottle top, pull it off with complete ease, then collect the bottle caps inside the opener’s handy storage container. When it’s full, simply dump into the trash and start again. It’s as simple as push, pull and dump!

Perfect for Your Next Party

Every party should have this handy device to avoid the stress of next day clean up. A magnetic bottle opener will be handy on those hot summer days as well. The last thing you want to think about after mowing the lawn for two hours is what to do with the bottle cap. Simply store it in the compartment, enjoy your beer and worry about the caps when the compartment gets full. There is no need to search for the cap to make sure it has been disposed of properly.

Avoid having to Clean Up Later

This tool is perfect for partying or for relaxing, and it will keep you from dealing with the cleanup later. It’s always nice when someone else handles cleanup for you, and the magnetic bottle opener does just that. It is sanitary as long as you wash the compartment with warm soap and water after use, and it makes life with hard to open bottles so very convenient. Don’t plan one more get together or one more day out in the hot sun until you have this handy contraption in your hand. Buy one today so you don’t miss out later!

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