A Great Promotional Gift!

A Great Promotional Gift!

September 24, 2017

Hats and pens are fine as “gimmes.” However, if you’re looking for a promotional gift that will help drive business, try a unique beer opener. A distinctive gift such as a MyTopOff bottle opener stands out from the crowd. People will hold on to this useful and clever item, meaning that unique beer opener will keep advertising for you.

Push Down Bottle Cap Opener
MyTopOff is easy to use. Adults of all ages use it to uncap the peskiest of beer bottles. Even kids can get their hands around the opener to pop open soda bottles. It’s sanitary and completely safe – no more cuts from metal caps.

MyTopOff works by popping the metal cap on a bottle. You push down, and a magnet captures the cap, easily pulling it off the bottle. This innovative bottle opener works on every kind of bottle and cap you come up with, from twist tops to imported beer bottles to home brews. It even works on those hard-to-open crown tops typical of soda and beer bottles.

Promotional Gift

One key to success is keeping your business in customers’ minds. That’s why companies give out pens, mugs and even t-shirts. However, pens get lost or run out. Mugs break. T-shirts get worn only every now and again. How many times do people look around for a bottle opener, though? Bottle openers never outlive their usefulness.

A unique beer opener like MyTopOff is something people keep around. Your customers will put the opener with their other utensils and reach for it every time they have a bottle in hand. They’ll show it off to friends at barbecues and tailgating parties. Maybe they’ll want a bunch of them to give away as stocking stuffers, at New Years or at other parties. They’ll associate those good times with your business.


They key to promotional gifts is customizing them with your logo. MyTopOff uses silk screen printing to add a logo to any color of opener. The durable print lasts on the thick plastic cover. Inside the mechanism is made of stainless steel and a strong magnet. This unique beer opener is going to be around for awhile.

You can use the bottle opener in a number of promotional campaigns. If you’re running a fundraiser, give them away for each donation. Hand them out as client appreciation gifts. Put them out at a conference for potential clients to take. Use them as party favors at your next shindig.

So, are you ready to take your promotional gift-giving to the next level? Do you want a “gimme” that will keep giving back to your business? The MyTopOff opener is the prime choice for you. Let your competitors give away hats and mugs. You’re giving out a unique beer opener with your company’s logo on it.

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